Safari Jungle – Out Of Africa Party

Package #13

Get out your pith helmets and bush jackets because this party is going to be wild. Let the beat of the drums take you to Africa. Book this party for an out-of-this-world experience spiced with drumming, dancing, and an ambience fit for a real safari. Get ready for some roaring fun!

  • Safari themed full table setting including a decorated canopy, tables, tablecloth, stools or cushions, plates, cutlery, napkins, personalized water bottles (matching the theme), and a centerpiece
  • African drum troupe to entertain the children and get them involved by giving each a drum of their own to participate in the music and dancing
  • 2 drummers and 1 dancer
  • Hair braiding

Package (Up to 20 Kids) AED 4,200

The Fully Decorated Canopy Table Setting can be upgraded to the Royal Canopy Table Setting at a cost of AED 200. To view the Royal Canopy Table Setting options, click here

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